Let's build it together

Our design philosophy is simple. We believe that each piece of furniture should reflect its owner, which is why we’ve dedicated our craft to personalized, made-to-order custom furniture. Each step of our design process is customizable, from the shape of the table top to the style of the chair. With literally thousands of combinations, you’ll arrive at something unique.

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1. Material Choice ( Wood, Laminate or Tile)

Start by choosing the building materials from our selection of high quality wood, stain, laminate and tile. For a look at our library of samples, download our customization guide here.


2. Size, Table Top Shape & Extension

Next, you’ll choose the size, shape and treatment of the table top. We offer 8” - 12” tile & laminate inlays with either a 2” or 5” border as well as solid block tops. 


3. Table Top Edge / Corner Shape

Determine the shape & profile of the table top. The corner shape will determine how the table will appear when viewed from above, where as the profile will be a cross section view of the table edge.


4. Bases

We offer several options for bases to sit your table top on, including several table leg treatments. You’ll also find our options for kitchen island bases here.


5. Seating

Finally, you’ll choose a seating style. With the exception of Arlington #44, all of our side chairs, arm chairs and stools can be outfitted with either a wooden or upholstered seat.