We make beautiful Furniture...

...but we know that one size won't fit all. That's why we handle furniture differently. With a modular customizable approach, we make designing your next dining set, coffee table or kitchen island incredibly simple

Choose from our library of furniture templates and materials and we'll work with you to bring your vision to life. Everything we make is crafted with integrity in the Northeast. American made, built to last.

Are you picturing your perfect piece yet? Lets build it together.

Built by us, designed by you

We make designing custom furniture incredibly simple, here is how it works:

Block 1_A.png

1. Design

Start by flipping through our Product Catalog. We've got dozens of templates to start from. Customize the size, cut and material that fits you. Dowload it here:


2. customize

Make it your own - refine your piece with our selection of Wood stains, Tiles, Fabric Swatches and more. Our Customization Guide has everything you need:


3. love

We make seriously great furniture. We've partnered with the best craftsman in the north east because you care about quality, and so do we. Ready to get started?

Quality Craftsmanship


Manufactured in New england

We have partnered with the most skilled workshops in the northeast to ensure that every piece of furniture we ship is the highest quality available. We manufacture all of our products out of solid wood so they'll be enjoyed for years to come.